A ‘mandatory’ course for technicians working on PROFIBUS and/or PROFINET networks!

With millions of nodes installed worldwide, PROFIBUS and PROFINET are the most popular technologies in Industrial Communication.

This means that your devices or machines can very easily communicate with the devices or machines of other manufacturers using the same technology, enabling you to create an easy to manage, integrated architecture. It also means that your devices or machines can be more easily sold on the international market, because they are compatible with many other products.

About the course

This course will give you an overview of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies plus details of the tools and methods that allow you to correctly start the development of your own products.

Duration of the course:

2 days

Dates and locations

Autumn 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia and in Milano, Italy


  1. A minimum number of participants is required
  2. Other dates and locations available for courses held at the customer’s premises.

Ask for agenda, conditions and other information to:

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