A course to understand how to connect different equipment in your machine or plant

A fieldbus is a communication system allowing distributed control, supervision, detection and command devices to be interconnected. Thanks to this technology, sensors, electrovalves, programmable controllers,electronic drives, computers, etc. can easily exchange information using a single low-cost connection. And this exchange occurs independently from the manufacturers of single devices.

The concept of fieldbus is not new, but in recent years it became very popular due both to the increase of the commercial offer and because the users have got the clear strategic value that this technology represents.

The course gives an overview on most popular fieldbus protocols, from simple serial lines to the Ethernet and the wireless systems, explaining selection criteria and the capabilities of the different communication solutions. Through a well-proven approach, you will learn the main kind of fieldbus technologies, with a special focus on the state-of-the-art protocols and their evolution in the future.

About the course

You will learn what fieldbus are and why they are so important in modern distributed automation architectures and which are the main technologies available on the market, with their advantages and specially their limits. You will also learn how to effectively select the best connecting technology for your application and the standards that rule fieldbuses and industrial networks.

Duration of the course:

2 days

Dates and locations

E-learning course in Spring 2021


A minimum number of participants is required

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