Understand Industry 4.0 in an innovative way: the future doesn't wait 

In the digitalisation process of a company, the simple investment in technology is not enough: in fact, it is necessary to acquire new skills and specially a new vision of the market. A high-level education program, successfully tested in 12 European countries, fulfills this requirements.


The ‘Industry 4.0’ argument is to-day à la page in every business, promising benefits like the more effective use of the internal resources and a greater competitiveness through the deployment of new technologies.

But, from the practical point of view, for a successful implementation of a real ‘Industry 4.0’ environment the simple acquisition of new machinery, ICT products and software isn't enough.

In fact, the business models have changed, the market rules are different from the past modus operandi and, therefore, new professionals are required who know the “secrets” and have the skills for a good management of an Industry 4.0 process.

But the switch to the digitalisation is braked by the lack of a specific culture of the different functions of the company, that have to acquire new competencies and capabilities like sharing of the know-how, creativity, emotional intelligence, technological curiosity and a propensity to change management.

Education is therefore a crucial starting point in the process of ‘Industry 4.0’ digital transformation.

The need of union between high-level education, innovative technological choices and new business models for the growth of companies has now found a new answer.

A new education and consultation partnership was born

German Innovation Centre for Industry 4.0, GFCC and EFCC joined their competences creating an Expert Team, each of them with its own specific know-how and experiences.

The purpose is to provide high-level education and consultancy services on ‘Industry 4.0’ focused to the growth of entrepreneurs, managers, technicians and operators.

In particular, the three Partners offer the first full program of systematic high education on Industry 4.0 focused to entrepreneurs, managers, technicians and operators. The target: to educate and qualify managers and employees on Industry 4.0.

During the holistic, interactive education program, all the essential concepts of Industry 4.0 are analysed and an optimized business process is proposed for the implementation of digital technologies and the relevant strategies.

Moreover, a series of projects realised in Europe in different industries is presented, to give a practical feeling to the proposed procedure.

The education program, in English, Italian or German language, includes 3 modules of 2 days.

The next edition of the education program “Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Driver Licence” (Module 1) is planned for the autumn of 2020 in Milano.

A maximum of 20 participants will be accepted, with a minimum of 10.

The course will be held when possible at:

Associazione GISI

Viale Fulvio Testi, 128

20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI)

For further information contact Miss Annika Martens This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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